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The Sprocket Fish Spawning Rocket is the only, multi-species, artificial spawning structure, designed exclusively for nest protection and fry survival. Self weighted and fully assembled, this 14 pound spawning rocket, can be installed directly from the box into shallow spawning water. Three individual compartments provide fish a choice to bed in any direction with three […]



First off, let’s not continue to confuse fish habitat with fish attractors. There are many substabtial differences between the two and what each product is intended for. Both products attract fish, but only habitat holds the future of fishing.    Under the Fisheries Act, fish habitat is defined as: “Spawning grounds and nursery, rearing, food […]

NFWF awards Seneca Nation grant to st...

Fishidng protecting Bass

Silt and sedimentation are clogging our nation’s waterways and reservoirs. Years of fluctuating water levels, erosion, development, nutrient loading and decomposition of natural materials, have put these waters in dire need of improvements. Fish habitat, which includes habitat for countless other equally important aquatic organisms, lacks to the degree on many U.S, waters, that no […]

How Lake Ellwood, Once Doomed Is Bein...

How Lake Ellwood, Once Doomed Is Being Rescued

BACK FROM THE BRINK How Lake Ellwood, Once Doomed Is Being Rescued By Eric Engbretson, Engbretson Underwater Photography Imagine a town consisting entirely of seniors. The town has no children, no teenagers, and no young adults. All the schools, playgrounds, and sports fields have closed. The town is eerily empty and still. And every year, as […]

Fishing Tournaments that Produce more...

Fishing Tournaments that Produce more Fish with Habitat

“Fishing Tournaments that Produce more Fish” “Catch and Create” Habitat Improvement Tournaments by Fishiding.com  Can you compete and still be on the same team? We all want improved fishing and habitat is the key. Think of how many Bass, Crappie and Walleye Tournaments are held ………….more

Potash Tournament Benefits Fishery

Potash Tournament Benefits Fishery

Tournament competitors dropped Fishiding “Safehouses” to improve habitat at Strom Thurmond Reservoir. Activist Angler note: Teaming with Fishiding, PotashCorp introduced a conservation component to its benefit tournament last year and plans to include it again this year. I hope that other tournament organizers will take note and follow the leader because these kinds of projects […]

PLM Lake & Land Management Corp....

PLM Lake & Land Management Corp. Joins Fishiding

  PLM Lake & Land Management Corp.   …is an American, woman-owned and operated small business whose goal for over thirty years has been to protect your property from the aesthetic and economic damage caused by invasive plant species. We provide a team of expert biologists, foresters, ecologists and managers to evaluate your environment, prioritize…more […]

Eagle Scout wins award with artificia...

Eagle Scout wins award with artificial fish habitat

  In the far Northwest suburbs, away from the fast paced city of Chicago, a 17 year old boy loves the outdoors and fishing. This outdoor lifestyle in our youth is alive and well in our Nation, thanks in part to The Boy Scouts of America. As our world changes at this alarming rate, Scouts […]

Wild Rose Musky Habitat Study Delayed

Wild Rose Musky Habitat Study Delayed

Last fall at the Wild Rose State Fish Hatchery in Wild Rose, Wi, State WDNR Biologists, Supervisors and staff, eagerly awaited the start of a new pilot study, incorporating artificial habitat in rearing ponds with musky, walleye and other species. Multiple offices within the WDNR, jockeyed for position to decide just what to study first. […]

Wisconsin Statewide general permit fo...

Wisconsin Statewide general permit for fish habitat structures streamlined

Statewide general permit for fish habitat structures ready to use Weekly News article published: January 28, 2014 by the Central Office MADISON – Lakefront property owners statewide can now more quickly and easily create “fish sticks” habitat near their shoreline to benefit fish and improve fishing, state fisheries and habitat protection officials say. A new streamlined […]

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