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Loose pvc limbs for fish habitat projects

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By peepaw – Posted on 13 August 2011

Wanted you folks to know that we are now offering our fishiding artificial fish habitat structures shipped loose, with no cement, along with our ready to sink models.

You provide the bucket and the cement,(or use our special formula)http://www.fishiding.com/products/Fishiding-cement-mix and build your own custom fish habitat.

The Build your own habitat http://www.fishiding.com/categories/Build-Your-Own-Fish-Habitat/ page shows you how to buy just the vinyl strips in bulk, saving huge money on shipping.

You provide half of the labor to mix and pour, saving half the cost of our completed models.

You can use as many or as few limbs in each unit as you prefer. Cut them, bend them, you customize what you want.

Check out this month’s discounts and install now for fall/winter fishing this season!

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